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Bridesmaids- Can everyone really be happy with the dress choice?

Many brides find the idea of shopping for bridesmaid dresses extremely daunting as it means keeping a number of people happy without compromising the theme and colour of the wedding.  A group of adult bridesmaid will almost always be different dress sizes, heights, colouring and all have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to what they would like to wear so how on earth do you make everyone happy?

The main thing to remember is that it is the brides wedding! We know that it’s important for all of the bridal party to like their dresses, but it is the bride and their partner who will be looking at the photographs for the rest of their lives. The bridesmaid’s should compliment the bridal gown beautifully. It’s best not to choose a bridesmaids dress with more beading, detail or embellishment than your bridal dress as not to steal the thunder from the bride!

The Appointment

In our experience, the best way to begin the process is to book an appointment and take along as many of your bridesmaids as possible and if you can, take all of your bridesmaids to the appointment. This is by far the quickest and least stressful for all and in our experience, this way has the highest success rate.


If you have an idea of a colour you would like, bring a sample of the colour with you. It doesn’t matter if the colour is shown on a bit of ribbon, scarf or a napkin; it just helps us to all know what colour we are after as everyone’s colour perception is different.  We have had a bride asking for a deep red colour and when she brought the chair cover she was trying to match in, the actual colour needed was purple! If you have no idea what colour you are after, that is fine too! Once you see your maids in different dresses and different colours, a preferred colour will soon emerge and so too will a preferred dress option.

Today’s Bridesmaids

Over the last few years, what is expected with regards to a wedding has relaxed enormously and this is also the case with bridesmaid dresses. The traditional rule book has been thrown away and you really can choose styles, fabric and colours as you wish to ensure your maids compliment to the overall look of your wedding beautifully.  The gown and colour choice that is available is just fabulous and it really is possible to please everyone!

There are a number of different “looks” for your bridesmaids.  They can all have the same dress in the same colour, the same dress in different colour, the same colour in different dress or different dresses in different colours! It all sounds very confusing so below are a few pictures as examples from some of our amazing suppliers, the fabulous Kelsey Rose, Wtoo by Watters and Amanda Wyatt.

The easiest option is the same dress in the same colour as then you haven’t the additional choice of who has which dress or colour! If you have “Tweens”, which are girls age around 9-13, many designers will do a junior range which fills the gap in between the flower girls and adult styles. These are usually a bit more age appropriate, with added straps and no bust shape. Once the girls are approximately 13-14 years, they may be classed as adults as their body measurements no longer fit within the junior range. Flower girls are usually perfectly happy in a dress that twirls around like a princess and these dresses oftencome  in ivory, or the same colour as the bride. Some designers do a coordinating flower girl dress to tie into a particular design set of the junior and adults which can add an extra “cuteness” factor to your wedding.

So don’t dread bridesmaid shopping – embrace it! Once the maids are trying on dresses it will all become clear what design and colour makes everyone happy! We are always around to help with any questions, so always feel free to get in touch!


What about Prom?

Prom is short for Promenade. When proms were first introduced into US schools in approximately 1890-1900, they were inspired by galas and debutante balls. Proms in the USA gained in popularity since the war and the trend came over to the UK only in the last 15 years or so. The prom season is relatively short running for only approximately four weeks per year from mid-June to mid-July. Regardless of the short time frame, research shows that with over 85% of schools in the UK now hosting a prom, it can’t be ignored!

Our Prom History
We started catering for our prom girls in 2003. Back then, the choice was very limited and the designs were restricted to bridesmaid dresses and evening dresses. They were plain, didn’t have much sparkle or detail and they were not designed with 15 and 16 year old girls in mind. We decided to change that over 13 years ago and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. Last year, we did too many prom dresses to count and it grows every year!
We Love Prom!
Not only are the new designs so colourful and vibrant, it’s also lovely to see a girl arrive in Converse, skinny jeans and a hoody to be transformed in front of you as they try on the dresses.
Prom is a celebration for the girls and their families. It is the time where they realise that they are soon to be leaving school and moving onto their next stage in life. This is why prom is so special.
Why so Early?
In 2003, we launched prom for that year at Easter. By around 2009, it had moved to earlier in the year to February half term to cope with the demand. In 2012, we moved it to January and now, in 2016, it’s October!
The single driving force behind this is that the girls are looking to buy their dress earlier and earlier, so much so that they are looking in the Summer before they start year 11….and this is before we even see the dresses from the designers!!
Prom gets bigger every year so we now carry so many different styles and sizes to cater for everyone. We need to offer a lot of choice as every girl’s style is different and we want this to come across on the evening of the prom. We even developed our ‘Prom Promise’ to make sure every prom girl is unique.
Prom Promise
It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to turn up at a posh do with someone else in the same outfit! We introduced our Prom Promise way back in 2003 to prevent this from happening on the special day. We won’t sell two dresses to anyone from the same school, and we are so strict, we don’t even let anyone from the same school try it on if it has already been sold to that school – Not even in a different colour!
It really is a once in a lifetime experience. You cannot wind the clock back, be 16 years old and go to your prom ever again (no matter how much we all wish we could!) We are here to help you to make the most of it!!!
It starts earlier every year..
Get planning because the countdown is already on.


A bit about us….

After years of debating and considering whether or not we should do an official “the wedding rooms blog” we have finally decided that (with the help of Sonja at We are love Mondays) that it really is something we should and could do! The reason for our procrastination is mainly due to the fact that we just do what we do, and have done so for so long we weren’t convinced people would want to read about the daily life of a bridal shop in the middle of England! So many people enjoy reading our “goings on” on our Facebook page and Instagram we thought now was the right time!

So how long exactly have we been doing this?
Jenny, the founder of the oldest part of our business first started in 1987 and I (Sara) have grown up surrounded by wedding dresses! Whilst others in my class were struggling to thread a needle in middle school sewing class, I was heading home after school to hand embellish crystals and pearls on bridal dresses. Sewing has always been a huge part of our lives.

Our daily working life for the last 14 years, when we moved from alterations only to owning our own shop is all about helping people find that dream dress! We all know that feeling when you find an outfit, pair of shoes or hand bag or have a fabulous hair cut that makes you just think “OMG I look amazing and I can’t wait to show everyone how fab I look!” We absolutely love matching ladies to their dream wedding, bridesmaid, prom or evening dress. We have the ultimate job satisfaction as we watch our ladies blossom in confidence right before us as they look back at themselves in their perfect dress.

Over the years we have amassed a huge amount of knowledge regarding all things associated with weddings and prom, and thanks to all of our lovely customers over the years we have also collected an astonishing amount of helpful hints and tips from them which we will be passing onto you all via this blog! We hope you enjoy reading all about what we get up to at The Wedding Rooms, Kidderminster in Worcestershire, right in the heart of England.


Jenny, Sara and the wedding rooms girls x