The Impossible Choice: Our Top 5 Tips for finding YOUR wedding dress!

Almost all of our brides to be walk into our store with the same confused and bemused expression and are wondering how on earth they will make the choice and decide upon their wedding dress. A few of our brides know exactly what they want, some have pictures, even folders full of dress ideas; most however have no idea whatsoever and haven’t worn a dress in years – and this is where we come in!


Our job is to help and guide you through the “journey” of choosing a dress. We often joke about the “J” word (journey) as it makes it sounds like the X Factor but it really is! As you try on and like or dismiss each dress you are stepping closer to a choice as it is merely a process of elimination! One dress will just make you feel awesome, sometimes you really don’t know why that particular dress is YOUR dress… just is!!

Here are our Top 5 Tips for finding your perfect dress:

  1. Do your research and book appointments: The best research you can do is ask people who have recently got married for their recommendations. The internet is a fab way of locating local bridal shops and it is best to keep it local if possible as you will need to go for fittings and alterations nearer to the wedding. All the bridal shops we know (and we know a lot!) prefer appointments as it ensures that you have a member of staff and changing room allocated for you. If you do decide to try your luck and on the off-chance see if they can see you, that is fine but if they have an appointment booked in or due in, they will always take priority.
  2. Be open to suggestions: If you are a bride with a clear vision of your dress, allow yourself to stray from the path just a little bit to make sure you are heading in the right direction. The ladies with an exact style in mind often are fixed simply because they think due to one reason or another (size, shape, age, wedding venue ) that they can only wear that style. Just experiment with styles, if you only try on what you think you will like how will you know what you could have had if only you had tried it on!
  3. The Entourage: Only take people with you that will help you in YOUR choice. The word YOUR is in capitals as it is very easy for people to tell you what they like, or what they would have but it is important to remember that it is YOU who are wearing the dress. It is only you who knows how the dress makes you feel and you must feel happy, lovely and confident in your dress.
  4. Don’t be afraid to say if you don’t like a dress: This may sound strange but for some reason brides think they must like every bridal dress just because it is a bridal dress! If you like every dress you try on a decision will never be made so it is ok to be a bit critical and admit that it’s a “no” as the next dress can be tried on and the “journey” (I do love that word!) can continue!
  5. Say “Yes to the Dress”: Admit to yourself that you do actually need to buy a dress as you need something to wear down the aisle. Some ladies enjoy the search so much they don’t want to commit to a dress and then leave it so late the dress they have finally chosen cannot be made in time. The minimum delivery time for bridal dresses is around 12-16 weeks with some designers 6 months so when you find your dress, order it! It sound a bit of a cliche but you will know when you find your dress –  I promise!

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