Your first visit to The Wedding Rooms as a bride to be!


The most important thing to remember is you will always be greeted with a smile! We know bridal shops have a reputation for being scary and everyone dreads that “pretty woman” moment as you are looked up and down with a glare, but rest assured we are not like that! We like to joke that we are “normal” whatever that  may be, and we find a genuine welcoming smile goes a long way to immediately reassure you that you will be looked after and it really will “all be fine!” We do prefer if you could contact us to book your appointment in advance just so we can make sure we have a changing room and member of staff available, but if you do visit us on a whim, we we always try and fit you in whenever possible. 

The first thing we do is find out a bit about you, the wedding venue and any ideas (even if it is no ideas at all!!!) about what you think you would like or not like to wear. Some brides have an exact idea and are super dooper excited while others are a bit more overwhelmed by the entire prospect and haven’t a clue where to start; so whichever best describes you we are here to help and guide you through every step of the way!


We usually start by choosing a small number of dresses to begin with, just so we can get a feel for what it is you are after and we are very lucky to have 2 private changing rooms where your try on appointment will take place. These “rooms” have changing cubicles for you to get into our dresses, seating areas for your guests and of course mirrors so you can see how fabulous you look. As we pride ourselves on fantastic personal customer service, we will be there to help you get in and out of the dresses and assist in helping you style your look.  It is amazing how a look can be created, altered and modified with the addition of a  belt, sleeves or straps and of course those all important finishing touches of veils, head peices, shoes and jewellery. When we are helping you get into and out of the dresses, we do so in the changing cubicle to respect your privacy, and obviously if you are particularly shy or self conscious just let us know and we will look after you.


The bridal try on journey is an interesting one as once we have got to know your likes and preferences we almost always go back out into the store and cherry pick some more dresses for you to try on. We use our years of experience and extensive knowledge of our dresses to choose styles and designs that you may have not even thought of, and by-passed on the rail completely. Our job is to show you the possibilities available to you, and after all if you try on a dress and don’t like it, for whatever reason, we just try on another! The “No’s” are as important as the “Yes’s” as without the “No’s” you are never absolutely sure that you have found your dress!

If you have any questions about your first appointment, or would like to book in to come and see us, just contact us.

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6 thoughts on “Your first visit to The Wedding Rooms as a bride to be!

  1. Gail Buzzard says:

    When I cane in I knew exactly what I wanted but you looked and brought in different dresses and I left having purchased a Princessy dress that what everything I said I didn’t want lol. It was absolutely perfect though. You certainly know your stuff xxx


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