Should the “Dress Shapes for Body Shapes” rules be used when shopping for your wedding gown?

In our store the “Dress Shapes for Body Shapes”  rule is there to be broken! 

Here at the wedding rooms, we hand pick our dresses to suit all brides regardless of age, shape, size, budget, timescale, venue or location. We make sure that we really do have something for everyone, and love experimenting during the try on appointment to find your dream dress! 

You may be aware that there are certain ‘rules’ that should be adhered to when clothes shopping, as people tend to believe that certain styles and fits suit certain shapes. Over the years however, we have learnt that when our brides ‘say yes to the dress’, they sometimes fall in love with something that in theory shouldn’t suit their body shape! We have lots of brides to be who come to us for a try on with very fixed views on what they can or can’t wear. Our experience tells us otherwise and in our blog this month we take a look through the most common myths we hear in our store! 

Ladies with big boobs can’t have strapless dresses! – MYTH!

All of our dresses are extremely well made and altered to fit your exact body shape. They have an amazing amount of hidden corsetry, built in cups and structure. If you would like to wear a bra under your gown, we have lots of clever ways to conceal and secure your bra to ensure you will be comfortable, covered and confident for your special day. We believe that you don’t need to rule out strapless if you have a larger bust!

Pear shape must wear a-line! – MYTH!

Pear shaped brides can sometimes feel very self conscious about their lower bodies and their instinct is to cover themselves with lots and lots of fabric, ruffles and netted skirts. If you’re pear shaped, don’t automatically assume you have to have a ball gown! We have some FAB fitted fishtails and slimmer a-line gowns that flatter and skim all in the right places. Styles that skim the hip are the perfect choice , as they don’t add unnecessary bulk and clever detailing will draw the eye into your small waist.

Plus size can’t have fitted or fishtail skirts – MYTH!

This is one of our favourite myths! Our fishtail samples in store range from a size 12 to a size 26 and lots of brides that try on this style are amazed at how flattering they are and fall in love with them, regardless of their shape and size! Fishtails and fitted skirts are perfect for ladies with curves. Some of the best fishtails we have seen are on plus size ladies! Don’t discount this style just because you are over a dress size 10!

Mature brides  and second weddings can’t have a wedding dress – MYTH!

Mature brides and ladies who are having second weddings or renewing their vows often get talked into wedding dress shopping by friends. Quite often, they think they will get married in a simple trouser suit as they tell us they feel “too old” to wear a wedding dress!! 

This is a myth!!! We help so many mature brides, second weddings and renewals as it is still your special day. You want to look back on your day, and on your photos, and know you had what you wanted! We have many simpler styles, short dresses and plainer fabrics so that you don’t have to go over the top to look and feel a million dollars! If you do decide to go “full on Bridal,” then we can help you with that too!

Shorter brides can’t have big ball gowns – MYTH!

Ball gown dresses suit ladies with the right personality. There is no rhyme nor reason as to who they suit as they can be worn by brides of all shapes, sizes and heights! If your dream dress is a ball gown princess style then go for it – Disney princess here we come!!! 

You can’t wear a veil if you’re not getting married in the church – MYTH!

A high percentage of our brides are now getting married in civil ceremonies rather than in a traditional church setting however, the majority of our brides still buy a veil. Many don’t have them over their face in the traditional way however, they finish off the look perfectly as a fabulous finishing touch. We have sparkly , plain, lace, long, short, ivory, champagne, ribbon edged….. all sorts! Each veil is specially designed to suit the dress so try it on and have a play!

You must be covered up for a church – MYTH!

Yes, we agree that there needs to be a certain amount of modesty when it comes to a church wedding however, strapless dresses are completely acceptable. If you feel like you would like to be covered, but would like to have the option to become strapless later for the evening party, we can make and order a number of jackets, boleros, cap sleeves, spaghetti straps or other detachable options. This means that you can get two different looks, for day to evening, and still feel comfortable all day regardless of the setting.

Going abroad means not having a ‘proper’ wedding dress – MYTH!

We sell all styles of wedding dresses to travel abroad as our travel boxes make even the biggest dress, packable! Our boxes are the perfect size to use as hand luggage so that your dress, and all accessories, can all be packed into the box so they are with you at all times on your journey! They fit in the overhead lockers on airplanes and are perfect to keep your valuables in. After the day, they are perfect to store your dress and accessories safely away.

A short dress isn’t a ‘real’ wedding dress! – MYTH!

This is one of the most heard comments from brides who want a short dress from their nearest and dearest as they discuss their wedding dress ideas! We love a short dress here at the wedding rooms, with a whole “short and vintage” collection and many of our long gowns can also be ordered in a short version. Are you a shoe person? If so, a short dress is the ideal way to showcase your wedding shoes, especially with the gorgeous Irregular Choice Bridal designs!!

In theory, you should always stick to a style that suits your body shape HOWEVER, as you can see, there is a perfect dress for everyone! Sometimes, these break the ‘rules’! If it makes you feel A-MAZING, then really, who cares about the rules as they are here to be broken!

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