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So why are we called “the wedding rooms?”

Trying to choose a name for your business is a tricky one, as it needs to sum up you as well as tell the world what you do! Ours really was a last minute, under pressure decision and it came from the fact that our premises had lots and lots of different rooms. It is an old Victorian building that has been extended and converted so in total including our tiny excuse for a “kitchen” we have 8 different rooms. The rooms have changed over the years with our growing need for customer space meaning that one private changing room way back in 2005 was joined by an additional one in 2009 as we converted one of our stock rooms. In 2011 we made the decision to go completely “girly” and stop the suit hire and so the third changing room was added! Most weekends these three changing rooms are still not enough to accommodate all the lovely ladies who want to come in to see us!

The first room everyone sees when they reach the top of our stairs is the main dress showroom, where every available wall has something amazing on it!! Bridal dresses, Curvaceous and Plus size Bridal dresses, Bridesmaid and Flowergirls, Prom as well as veils a accessories! We are often described as an “Aladdin’s Cave” simply because people cannot believe the choice we have and as each room leads into another, the space we have!

Just off the main room is our Gowns to Go rooms, which has always been close to our heart as it’s where the brides who have a strict budget to word towards or who are getting married quickly are delighted to find! It gives them so much choice and is brilliant because they get the expertise of a bridal shop and they don’t have to compromise on their bride to be experience. If you would like to know more about “last minute weddings” check out our link. How “Last Minute” can a wedding in England get? Are we allowed to do a “Vegas” impromptu “I Do?”IMG_5788 Our customers absolutely LOVE the fact that we have 3 private changing rooms with cubicles in for you to get changed and seating areas for your guests, so you have a room all to yourself.  It is a special experience trying on Bridal dresses or having your fittings so sharing it with your nearest and dearest is part of the fun! It’s nice as you feel settled and comfortable as you can just move into your room and it feels like a home from home! We spent years trying to come up with the names for these rooms so we knew which room we were all talking about, names like “princess” and different colours, cakes or flowers were mentioned, but in the end we just used the names that we already used! We now have “the front room,” “the sofa room” and “the fitting room,” which are all pretty self explanatory and definitely fits in with our practical nature more so that fancyness!

The rooms you don’t get to see are “the sewing room” which is where every single dress is altered and sewn by our own hands and the hidden up on the third floor “stock room” which is where all of the dresses are “filed” in date order and as you can imagine is rather full!

We hope you have enjoyed our little tour of our store and why we are called “the wedding rooms,” feel free to contact us if you would like to know more and  enjoy having mooch through our blogs and social media pages!


the wedding rooms girls!!! XXX

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