Is there a right time to start looking for my wedding dress?

This is definitely a question we are asked in store a lot, and the honest answer is – “it depends on a lot of factors- the most important one being time!” Time is a huge factor in wedding planning as the years, months, weeks and days speed by and before you know it you are stood saying your vows wondering how it got here so fast! IMG_4856Brides often tell us they don’t want to look at dresses until they have lost weight, but again the timescale need to be taken into account. If for example, your wedding is 12 months away (which sounds a lot) the average wedding dress takes around 12-16 weeks to be made to order, and then fittings and alterations are another eight to ten weeks and most shops like to build in a few weeks wiggle room as the delivery time is only estimated… before you know it six months have disappeared! So if you are embarking on a weight loss path, a deadline must be set for you to have the most amount of choice of dress possible.



A mention here for brides without a long timescale, we have an entire specialist collection of Bridal Gowns to Go which does not have a delivery schedule as the dress you try is the dress you buy! Check out our blog How “Last Minute” can a wedding in England get? Are we allowed to do a “Vegas” impromptu “I Do?”

The weight loss topic is a difficult one as we always recommend choosing your dress to suit you as you are at that moment as loosing weight should be a bonus not a necessity to fit into your dress. Your partner loves you for who you are, so being completely happy with how you look in your dress choice before your possible weight loss is always the best option. Every designer bridal gown can be downsized by a professional seamstress comfortably by around 2/3 dress sizes, so if needs be your dress just gets taken in. If for any reason the weight loss doesn’t  go to plan, you have a dress you love exactly how you are!



It may sound like a bit of a cliche but you will know when it is time to make a decision and commit to a dress. Brides do wonder if they will get the “feeling” or how will they know for sure that their decision is the right one. We liken it to choosing the person you are marrying! You didn’t need to ask anyone else if they were the one for you, you just knew!Some ladies have the “lightening bolt” moment, others just a slow realisation that this is the one; and your dress choice is the same! We tell all of our ladies that once they have found that dress, get it ordered as in the whirlwind of wedding planning, it means you can move onto everyone and everything else knowing you are going to look awesome!

Want to know more about what to expect when you first come into our store: Your first visit to The Wedding Rooms as a bride to be!


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