What does the phrase “plus size” actually mean? To us it just means “normal!” ;-)

We have had a bridal store for over 15 years and we have ALWAYS had dresses in store in sample sizes 8-28. This is because women don’t come in a set sized package, we are all different and whether we are a 8,18 or 28; we are fabulous and it is our right to have a fabulous dress to match how fabulous we are!

We really really really dislike the phrase “plus size” but after 15 years we have had to give in and start using it!!!! All because of how the wonderful world of internet search engines work!

The high street is full of “plus size” fashion stores which are changing perceptions of what Curvy girls can wear! The wedding dress industry is always a little bit behind the fast paced high street and finally the Designers are catching up with the fact that the average sized woman is indeed a 16! Gone are the days where it is frowned upon for a bride over a size 16 to wear a dress that shows off her wonderful Curvy figure!

The new modern “plus size” is now a tweaked version of the designers main bridal collection. Some may argue that they shouldn’t be tweaked, and should be the same, but these all important modifications take into account a fuller bust which will need a bit more support, a slightly lower kick on the fishtail to accentuate and flatter rather than add and a slightly higher waist on a ballgown to show off your slimmest point. What makes a wedding dress have the WOW factor is how it is designed, pattern cut, structured and made.

Check out our blog on the “rules” Should the “Dress Shapes for Body Shapes” rules be used when shopping for your wedding gown? and why these rules should be broken!

It is one of those things where we have always assumed people will know we have dresses in all sizes for brides to try on, but we are fast realising that it isn’t obvious at all and we are now SHOUTING IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS!!!  We have over 50 different styles for brides to try on in store in sizes 22 and over all at a price point of £325-£1200! These styles are all available to order in sizes 18-36 and most can have style modifications as required if you prefer a longer sleeve or straps, or a shimmer sparkle layer underneath! We use the phrase “make it your own” so you really can have a dress exactly as you want it!

If you would like more information about what to expect when you come into our store feel free to contact us or check out Your first visit to The Wedding Rooms as a bride to be!

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