#TWRguide to…..Destination Weddings!

On average just under half of our #TWRbrides celebrate their “I Do’s” at a destination wedding! Over our 16 years we have packed up dresses in our rather fabulous and posh Travel Box from The Empty Box Company and sent brides to all parts of the globe, from the snow-covered Austrian Alps, a cliff overlooking the ocean in Australia, Disneyland, Las Vegas, Gretna Green and beach weddings in sunny exotic locations to name a few.Β  When we first meet a bride to be, we ALWAYS ask about their wedding plans so far as it has a huge bearing on the choice of dress, although we do send some of our biggest tulle dresses abroad (it’s always a tight fit in the box!) One of the best things about a destination wedding is you can have a party when you get back and wear your dress again!

So where do you even begin to plan a wedding miles from home? The first thing to do is research your chosen location and the legal requirements for getting married there. Each country (and sometimes states within) will have its own strict laws on getting married, with minimum residency requirements, legal translations, blood tests and pre-wedding paperwork to name a few. The popular destination wedding locations, will have information about the process, and there are lots of travel agencies and hotels that specialise in weddings abroad.

We are always being asked which style of dress we recommend for a wedding aboard? The answer is quite simple, it is whichever dress is your dream dress, regardless of practicalities!! We often comment that at a beach wedding you will be hot in a bikini so you may as well be hot in a wedding dress!!!! The try on process is exactly the same in our store regardless of where the wedding is, as it doesn’t matter if there is just you and your partner , or a party of 100 heading out with you, it is STILL your wedding and a fabulous dress must be found!! We have gathered together just a few of our bridal dresses that would be perfect for a wedding abroad, wherever it may be!

We always recommend Travel Boxes by The Empty Box Company as they are super strong, fit within the hand luggage size requirements (NEVER PUT YOUR DRESS IN THE HOLD!!!) and are available to order in the most beautiful selection of colours and patterns.

Here are a few more of our Blogs about “How to be a Bride to Be?” and your journey as a #TWRbride!

Your first visit to The Wedding Rooms as a bride to be! Β 

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