#TWRbride: Sarah, Andy and Diggles the Dog’s Wedding!

Our last #TWRbride Blog of the year is all about Sarah, who we first met at the National Wedding Show at the NEC. We had a fabulous time with Sarah and her family during her bride to be journey with us. A shout must go out to her wedding photographer Jonathon Coates as the photographs are amazing!


The Planning:
In regards to the venue, we really wanted a country house hotel setting for a vintage theme. Andy had one request, Diggles (our dog) would be his best man. This prompted a very busy two weeks of contacting venues asking the question – are you dog friendly?

We had many responses a straight no. Some would respond that our dog could visit for photos in the grounds only. One venue, left me a voicemail. They were happy to accommodate our Diggles.

I called them back, I was over the moon. Dunsley Hall ticked all our boxes and Andy and I promptly made an appointment to visit. We never visited anywhere else, there was no need as we loved the venue and it was perfect for us.

We decided on the date – October half term so that my two nieces could be bridesmaids. We also settled on a weekday wedding. The main reason was for me, i thought it would be easier to source our suppliers for the day. I could relax and gradually book everything over time rather than panicking and thinking I would need to book it all in one go. Each month I would organise something new, one month the Photographer, next month the entertainment etc..

The dress:
We visited the NEC wedding show after our engagement. We only went for inspiration as we were right at the beginning of our planning and  we didn’t have a date, venue or theme decided. As I was with my Fiancé, dresses were not on the cards. We walked around and talked about what we liked, what we wanted for our day. A dress caught my eye, a beautiful ballerina length lace dress. I loved it, so did Andy. He knew I didn’t want a full length dress as I would be distraught if it got dirty on the day.

There was something about that dress, I even walked past it again just to admire it. Andy wanted me to try it on and he would go for a walk. I said no, it wasn’t a day for dresses and I wanted to go with my mom. I decided to take a picture of the stand, so I knew where to find it.

Fast forward 6 weeks, venue and date decided, I started dress shopping. I made appointments at various dress shops, from your cheap and cheerful to your more expensive boutique. All the tea length dress were too petite for me. As I am tall, they didn’t quiet fit me the way I wanted and I started to get disheartened. One evening, I remember the dress at the NEC and went through my phone to find that stand! A quick google search and I located the shop in Kidderminster (just 25 mins from my mom’s house – yippee)

When we arrived, I found the dress. Still gorgeous and the best dress I had seen. Trying it on, I loved it. There was one snag, I wasn’t comfortable with a strapless dress. As the dress was all lace, a bolero or shrug wouldn’t be right. There was a second dress I loved, the same designer, that had the neckline I wanted. Between the two dresses I was torn.

It was then that Sara suggested we could combine the two styles, my favorite dress and preferred neckline. The designer would be happy to make dress the way I would like it! I was over the moon as  1) I got the dress I had envisioned and 2) It would be made especially for me. There was no question; I wanted to order the dress.

Sara and Jenny and the lovely ladies at TWR are just amazing. We loved every minute of our visits and I would recommend any bride to see them. The choice of dresses is wonderful, I always took a quick look when I was there. Such beautiful designers, a wonderful shop and fantastic knowledgeable people.

The Wedding Day:
Best day ever, it was perfect. We loved every moment and we are thankful for having such an amazing photographer to capture the day for us. We look over the photos and still feel emotional seeing it all.

My tips:

  • Don’t underestimate the little details, signs, table centers, seating plan. These take time to get ready.
  • Spend a good portion of your budget on a fabulous photographer to capture your day in full.

Planning a wedding is stressful. But it is all worth it in the end 🙂


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