Our 2017 lookback: a year in the life of a bridal shop!

The last year has been another eventful one in the life of our little shop! We really do start off the year thinking we can’t possibly beat the last one and every year we manage too! Here are a few 2017 highlights!!!

It started off with us showing off our new and rather plush new carpet! It was a monumental task as every single dress, changing room and display cabinet had to be moved but it was worth it! We are easily pleased as most of you know and it is just sooooo soft and squishy – we love it!!! It shows off our wedding dresses fabulously and even almost a year later is still perfect!

Again we headed to the National Wedding Show at the NEC for both the Spring and Autumn shows and although it is a planning and logistical marathon, it is all worth it when we meet so many brides out of our usual geographical area! Just before every show starts we mutter the words “never again” but by half way through the first day we are already looking forward to the next one! We always try our very best to take a little bit of TWR magic to The National Wedding Show and are determined, even with the thousands of brides there to still be our usual happy, friendly and jolly selves!img_6144-1

We also had a MAJOR shop move around as we jiggled the shop around to make a specific Prom and Evening Wear room and bought the Bridal Gowns to Go Collection out into the main shop! Our Gowns to Go now sits in our “Chesney Hawkes” corner, as they are labelled as “The One and Only” just so everyone is aware that we only have THAT one dress left, and once it is gone it is gone. This collection is adored by brides who have a fixed budget to stick to or that have a short timescale to their wedding day. As we have our sewing room within our store, we sometimes even start fitting the dress immediately as the wedding date is so close, there is no time to waste!22490175_10155662677896163_2731759531793645764_n

The other huge shop change around is our main bridal collection size split, which has now grown so much on our sample sizes 16 and overs choice, that we have had to completely swap the rails from one size to the other. We now have over 75 unique wedding dress styles to choose from in sizes 16 and over to choose from and it is proving to be super popular! Our size 14 and under collection is now also over 50 different styles strong, and covers every look, shape and feel a bride to be could wish for!img_6080

The most important event in 2017 saw Jenny celebrating her 30th Year in business! It seems like eons ago that mom took the decision to start turn her lifelong hobby into a business and we are all very glad she did. The sewing business grew so quickly and so rapidly and was absolutely central in the decision to start out own bridal shop! We often comment about the in-depth business planning that went into the Kidderminster store –  it went something like this. We decided that the sewing side had finally grown out of moms sewing room and we wanted to find a premises that would allow a changing room as well as space for the office! Then the immortal words “while we are here we may as well have some dresses” was uttered and the rest as they say is history!!!! The Sewing Room is still at the very centre of all we do,  as it is what allows us to fit and alter dresses in house and modify them to our brides requests to make them utterly unique.img_6145

A huge “Thank You” to everyone who has been into our store this year, and has supported our local business over the last 30 years – it is much appreciated! The best part of our job will always be meeting everyone, as everyone is completely unique and we are honored and lucky to be part of everyone’s story! Jenny’s favourite saying is from an Aerosmith song and its “Life’s a journey, not a destination!” and we are proud to be involved with so many fabulous moments in our customers lives!

Our 2017 has been an amazing year and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2018!!

Love Jenny, Sara and The Wedding Rooms Girls xxx 


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