2018 – What shall we do now?

The world of weddings is always changing and already just a few weeks in fabulous ideas are being hatched, changes are being made and it is a hive of activity behind the scenes as we set in motion our plans for a BRILLIANT year ahead!fb7ddd34-7c27-454b-b44c-a3aed42deee0

We start every year full of enthusiasm of what will happen as we constantly strive towards our goal of happy customers! We always ask ourselves how we can do better and our customer service level is always our main focus……as well as gorgeous dresses (obviously!) We live by our “can-do” mantra as we “Gok Wan” and modify dresses to meet our brides requests, and ultimately create their dream dress that is absolutely PERFECT for them!

So what do we have planned for 2018? Much of it is under wraps for the mo but we can announce that yet again, despite saying “never again” for the seemingly 100th time we are taking TWR to the National Wedding Show at the NEC on February 23rd to 25th! There was one over riding factor that changed our (well my) mind and that was how lovely all of the brides we welcomed into TWR team on that weekend, and how many ladies have been in to see us since the show! It is always lovely to meet brides that are outside our usual geographical area which wouldn’t have happened without the National Wedding Show!ย nws13_logo_pink

Our Curvaceous Bridal Collection has been incredibly popular as we continue on our mission to smash the perception of whatย  “Plus Size” wedding dresses should look like! We are on the search for more fabulous Designers to expand this collection even further who believe as we do that we should celebrate and flaunt our curves!!!

The Sewing Room had a face lift and move around towards the end of last year which has enabled us to once again open it up to everyone. Jenny Lane Sewing Services celebrated its 30th year in business last September and we felt it timely that we go back to our roots, and give the sewing room the attention it deserves! We are obviously very lucky that we have our very own master seamstress in store, but we also have our fabulous Viv who not many of you get to see. Viv has worked in our sewing room for 10 years and is an absolute master at beading, hand sewing and detailing. Our main aim with anything we alter, whether it be a wedding dress or a pair of jeans is to make it look like it hasn’t been altered at all. In fact the only reason you can tell the garment has been altered is that it didn’t fit you…..and now it does! It is MAGIC!!! Well, not really just years and years of experience!!!ย img_6145

2018 promises to be yet another year of change and whatever we do we are sure it will be entertaining as life in the wedding rooms is always unpredictable and is never ever boring!!

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