All about…accessories and how to choose those all important finishing touches.

It may sound strange but brides often find deciding their accessories harder than choosing their wedding dress! This is because your wedding dress has an emotional pull that draws us in and ultimately makes us say “yes to the dress!” The accessories can change your “Bridal style” quite dramatically and so although you know your dress choice, it’s how you add the finishing touches that can be tricky! It’s like knowing you want a fabulous ice cream pudding but the sauces and toppings are personal preference! (Sorry I do like my metaphors, which are often food related!)

The most important thing is to have a Play:

To help our #TWRbrides through this confusing world of tiaras, hair vines, combs, and what seems to be a million and one veil options we always suggest an accessory appointment. This is where our brides try their dress on again and we all just have an experiment with hairstyles, veils, head pieces and jewellery and generally have a dress up session! We love doing accessory appointments as we talk and show you all of the different options available and the phrase “No I don’t want a veil/tiara” is quickly retracted as brides see their finished Bridal style appear before their eyes.


It’s really difficult to buy accessories without having your dress on as it’s not about one key statement piece that stands out above the rest, it’s about creating an entire Bridal “look” that works together. A very long time ago I remember walking into one of our changing rooms and commenting to a bride that I loved her necklace she had brought in to try with her dress. At that moment we all realised the necklace was amazing, but it was too dramatic as I hadn’t even noticed she had put her wedding dress on!

Practice and Trials are a must:

The morning of your wedding is not the time to find out that you don’t like your hair style or makeup so we highly recommend a trial run or practice. Most wedding specialists will offer a trial first, which is usually chargeable (or included in the total cost) as it is the time, expertise and experience they provide which guides and helps you find your own unique look!

We have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to hairstyles and make up ideas but we always say, leave it to the professionals as they are magicians! When we have brides in who have been in for a their hair and make up styles before their appointments, we are always in awe at just how it is done! Just click here to have a mooch through the boards!  Pinterest hair styles   Pinterest Bridal Makeup

To Veil or Not to Veil?:

The Veil dilemma can be one that rumbles on throughout their time with us as brides debate whether they do or do not actually want a veil. Often they are concerned that the veil will hide the dress, or detract from it, or they are getting married at a civil ceremony and think veils are just for church weddings! We say if you want a veil….. have one regardless of where your wedding is! It is brilliant at the moment as, so long as you do all the legal bits to make sure you are actually married –  the rest is up to you, so have the wedding you want and if that includes a veil – yay!!!

Veils themselves are available in lots of different lengths, colours and designs so instead of detracting from your dress, it compliments it as it is chosen to go with it to perfection!

So whatever your bridal style, we are here to help you find it!!

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