Your Bridal Style….just a few of the dresses available in our store!

Soooo Many Dresses…….

This time of the year always starts a change as we start to wonder where we are going to put all the brand new dresses due in store any minute when our rails are already full! We have a LOT of bridal dresses to choose from, and when you can “make it your own” by changing the neckline, the length of your train, adding straps or changing the colour, the options really are endless!! All of the styles featured can be ordered in sizes 6-36 and are priced between Β£595-Β£1495. If you are working within a specific budget or have a tight timescale that does not allow for the delivery schedule, we have a Bridal Gowns to Go Collection just for you!

Fishtails AKA Fit and Flare!
This dress shape can be worn by all dress sizes and is designed to show of your curves to perfection!

This is a perfect dress for every shape and size as it skims the hips and highlights the waist!

Ball Gowns or Princess:
This style can again be worn fabulously by every body shape and size and just because it is the the “traditional” image of a bride, doesn’t mean it can’t be modern, elegant and simple in design! Although saying that, we do love it when we create our very own “Disney” princess in store!!!

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