Our Harrogate #TWRgirls road trip!

It was just a week ago that we were on our #TWRgirls buying expedition to the beautiful Harrogate! It was a brilliant weekend, and the best thing was showing our lovely Jess around. She was fabulous at organising mom and me (it’s like herding cats….honestly 😆😸😸) and helping to make decisions over what we should and shouldn’t buy for the shop, which is very difficult and involves a certain amount of fortune telling!!! There were many highlights and we will be showing off the gorgeous gowns and pretties we found when they arrive in store soon! The main highlights (which almost all involve food) were:

💕 Mom having her first ever McDonald’s breakfast!!!!

💕Just moments after I posted the picture of us in Bettys on social media and remarked about remembering to use the tea strainer…..Mom forgot! 🙄

💕Finding a fabulous and super lovely new Prom supplier! We can’t wait to show you all….they are beautiful!

💕After 18 months of forgetting, we finally remembered to order a specific veil design we knew we needed!

💕Playing our favourite game of “collect the pens” at the various stands we visited! We do like a freebie 😆!!

💕Catching up with our wonderful suppliers who we speak to on the phone daily but its lovely to see them all in person! They are all awesome and our shop wouldn’t be the same without their beautiful products!

💕Us accidentally sitting at a McDonald’s magic table at the services on the way home and Mom and Jess playing football…..Mom won (she is very competitive!)

💕and last but not least, finding some absolutely gorgeous wedding dresses, tiaras and veils for our brides to be!

We came home a few stone heavier, with lots funny stories and with a sense of achievement and excitement! #watchthisspace!

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