All About Our “Wedding Wishes!”

It has honestly taken us years to come up with the PERFECTLY unique,  and slightly crazy and quirky (just like us) present to give our brides to be as they visit us for the final time just before their wedding to collect their dress!

It is often quite an emotional visit as it all suddenly becomes very real, as our brides are so used to us having their dress, the official “hand over” and realisation that their bride to be journey is almost over is a momentous occasion!

We always say a fond farewell to our brides and wish them a wonderful wedding day, so we thought it would be nice to actually give a good luck charm! Finding something absolutely unique for the wedding rooms and completely individual and different for each and every bride was a challenge, so we put on our “thinking tiaras” on! After a lot of “blue sky thinking” and “brain storming,” (not really, we just had a cuppa and chat) we had a light bulb moment and remembered our family friend Paula is absolutely amazing at crafty things!!

Paula has her own business Wychbury Designs and she knew exactly what we were after straight away! There was a MUST HAVE list that included; wedding related charms, something blue and wherever possible sewing related items! Each charm is based on an antique bronze kilt pin, or lobster clip with a combo of perfect charms!

Paula has designed them so they can be clipped onto your bridal bouquet, used as a key ring or just kept on their card to remind you of your bride to be time with us! It makes us happy to show our brides their little pressie and say “thank you” in our own way for choosing to be a #TWRbride!

Love The Wedding Rooms Girls xx

Ps If you would like to see more of Paula’s amazing creations –  here are her details:
Facebook: @wychburydesigns
Instagram: @paula_wychburydesigns
Etsy Page:

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