We are a fun-loving and family run bridal shop in Kidderminster, Worcestershire which is right in the middle of England! We have been in the bridal industry since 1987 when massive puffy Bo-Peep dresses were the height of fashion (hopefully never again), and have seen so many styles, themes and colours come, go and then come back again it makes us realise just how long all things sparkly have been part of our life.

We have seen a lot of changes in this wonderful and exciting industry and our blog is here to share some of our observations and general musings about the goings on in our shop. We often joke that we should write a book as there really is never a dull moment here, and so here it is in a blog!

Our store:
We are super proud of our store as it has been created solely for the comfort and privacy of our customers. We have a huge showroom full of dresses and 2 private rooms, with seating for your guests and changing rooms where your try on and fitting appointments will take place.  Our ladies love the fact we can close the door so no one else in the shop can see you! We have far too many dresses for our accountants liking but we simply cannot help ourselves! They are all so pretty and we think it is time to make it official – we are dress collectors!!! We have hundreds of gorgeous designer bridal, bridesmaid, prom and evening dresses and no matter how many we have, we ALWAYS want more, so it is a good thing we have a rather large shop!

What we do?
We make people happy. We love nothing more than being involved in helping our ladies find their perfect dress, which more often than not bears little resemblance to what they thought they would have! Hardly any of us “dress up” anymore like our older generations used to, so wearing a dress is almost an out-of-body experience for many. It is definitely way out of our modern comfort zone and combined with the scary factor of visiting a bridal shop (we aren’t scary at all, unless we haven’t had our morning cuppa), results in lots of extremely nervous ladies shaking at the mere thought of trying on a wedding dress. Our store is a very friendly and comfortable place to be and we all love meeting people and having a good old natter,  as the more we get to know you the easier it is for us to help you find your dress.

How to try on our fab-u-lous dresses?
The easiest way to book a try on appointment is to give the shop a call on 01562 743551 as we can check availability in the diary there and then. Our Facebook page is constantly updated with new styles and news and our website has lots of more official information and advice.

We hope you love reading our blog,

Love The Wedding Rooms girls x