A bit about us….

After years of debating and considering whether or not we should do an official “the wedding rooms blog” we have finally decided that (with the help of Sonja at We are love Mondays) that it really is something we should and could do! The reason for our procrastination is mainly due to the fact that we just do what we do, and have done so for so long we weren’t convinced people would want to read about the daily life of a bridal shop in the middle of England! So many people enjoy reading our “goings on” on our Facebook page and Instagram we thought now was the right time!

So how long exactly have we been doing this?
Jenny, the founder of the oldest part of our business first started in 1987 and I (Sara) have grown up surrounded by wedding dresses! Whilst others in my class were struggling to thread a needle in middle school sewing class, I was heading home after school to hand embellish crystals and pearls on bridal dresses. Sewing has always been a huge part of our lives.

Our daily working life for the last 14 years, when we moved from alterations only to owning our own shop is all about helping people find that dream dress! We all know that feeling when you find an outfit, pair of shoes or hand bag or have a fabulous hair cut that makes you just think “OMG I look amazing and I can’t wait to show everyone how fab I look!” We absolutely love matching ladies to their dream wedding, bridesmaid, prom or evening dress. We have the ultimate job satisfaction as we watch our ladies blossom in confidence right before us as they look back at themselves in their perfect dress.

Over the years we have amassed a huge amount of knowledge regarding all things associated with weddings and prom, and thanks to all of our lovely customers over the years we have also collected an astonishing amount of helpful hints and tips from them which we will be passing onto you all via this blog! We hope you enjoy reading all about what we get up to at The Wedding Rooms, Kidderminster in Worcestershire, right in the heart of England.


Jenny, Sara and the wedding rooms girls x